From My Heart, Nov. 2017

ChurchPastor's Blog

Nineteenth Century British novelist, Samuel Butler, once said, “The one who lets himself be bored is even more contemptible than the bore.” [Hahahaaah, good quote.] You know, I occasionally see folks checking out or even nodding off when I preach. [Oouuch, you know where I’m going.] I recently preached St. Paul’s challenge, “Never be lazy in your work,” (Romans 12:11.) For this article I am applying it to worship… which comes from the word ‘liturgy’… which means “the work of the people.” [You feeling it yet?] Bottom line: in church—for that matter, in study, in work, in relationships, in life—you receive more as you apply yourself more! [Can I get a witness?] You know it’s true. So, don’t be lazy; don’t take the easy freeway of criticizing. [We can always find something to criticize.] No, but rather take the holy trail of head & heart work. Apply yourself. [And be thankful.] Oh, and by the way, this goes double when you don’t like the music, disengage from the prayer, or check out of the sermon. [Mic drop.]
From My Heart,