Sunday Mornings in Sept./Oct.

ChurchNews & Events

09/17+ Holy Grounds! You asked for it, you got it! On the first day back in our Main Sanctuary, our youth will continue to offer free coffee and specialty drinks in the foyer from 9:30-10am. The Trustees have approved the use of Katie’s Library for a season while they try to completely eradicate the leaking in the in bell tower… which damages the walls, carpet and books in Katie’s Library. Holy Grounds will use this as a work space, but serve us just outside by the water fountains. Enjoy the coffee and mingling.
09/17 The worship service will imaginatively address sin using the metaphor of stones, including three different gripping Bible stories and a moving drama. Pastor Jeff will perform the annual Blessing of the Backpacks (or any other item that represents your educational endeavors this year). And if that’s not enough, we’ll have our brand new 2017 Church Directories published and ready to grab.
09/24–10/22 New Fall message series: [spiritual] FRUIT THIEVES, habits that rob us of our abundant lives. Each succeeding week, we’ll look at one of these five very common bad habits—pride, selfishness, comparison & envy, apathy, and laziness. Feeling convicted yet? Don’t worry, after being confronted and challenged with the Truth, you’ll receive grace and help. Always. On the Sunday of the finale, 10/22, we’ll feast over a potluck at 11:15am in the gym. We’ll provide the fruit punch and drinks, and some fruit cocktail, and you bring the rest. Hah.
10/29 MUSIC MINISTRY SUNDAY, a favorite every year, promises to be especially touching. We invite you to invite friends to come join us! Come receive the message through song and music, through sharing and praying. Come receive a fresh touch by God’s Spirit.