From My Heart, April 2018

ChurchPastor's Blog

Whenever I transition to leave a church, I always get a little anxious because I want the next pastor to do well, to thrive, and to help the church continue walking in faithfulness. I want the next pastor to stand on my shoulders and the church to even do better. Just after Dr. Keva Green’s introduction to our SPR, our District Superintendent called me to tell me Keva is the one coming to 1stCH this summer. Oh, I was so relieved, and excited! She will be a super fit. Please join me in praying for her. On another note, whenever I begin transitioning, I usually get asked about being a lame duck and taking it easy. I don’t. I keep at it where I am while also looking to transition leadership toward the next pastor. Among other things, I diligently list things in my head that I “just know” that will help my successor lead and pastor. In short, I aim to set Keva up for a smooth and effective start. I believe y’all will have a similar relationship together as what Cindi & I enjoy with you. May it be so.
From My Heart,