XYZ is on November 15, 2018

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“Now is the time for all good men, etc.” … how well I remember typing that when I was taking typing in high school. It is supposed to contain all of the letters of the alphabet, not sure since I’ve never checked it out. But what I do know about and am asking you to check out is our next meeting of XYZ, a time for all seniors with Xtra Years of Zest! So see the news below and come check us out!

XYZ is a time when we senior get together for fellowship, friends, and food. Yep, it is a potluck affair as we all bring food, maybe vegetables, salad, dessert and always a lot of good ole fried chicken. But if you have forgotten and have nothing to bring, come on along as there’s always food to spare. So please place this on your calendar right now so won’t forget: XYZ, Thursday, Nov. 15th, @ 11:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Please notice this is one week earlier than our regular meeting time!! And, we will be signing cards to be sent to those who are ill or need to be remembered.

Pat Lamar and Maria Byrd will be our hostessed for the day, but remember we all stay around to clean.