Fall Festival is November 9, 2019

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~ 51st Fall Festival            November 9th, 2019 ~
~ Here’s How YOU Can Help ~

Donations Needed
Donation Forms for Businesses and you are in the lobby outside church office and in foyer of Main Sanctuary.
Silent Auction: Solicit Items from local stores and service organizations.
Make Gift Baskets for Baby Showers, Graduation, Weddings that people can have on hand.
Make a movie night Gift Basket or a Chocolate Lovers’ basket.
Looking for NEW items, not garage sale leftovers, but some unique used items that were fought over in the past included a Rocking Chair and an old book with the complete Constitution of the U.S.
What do you have that others would fight over?

Could you donate a new television, a vacation or hunting trip? The planning committee decided to have several raffles during the day instead of the Live Auction this year. We need items to raffle. Can you help?
Do you have a CAR to donate? Are you purchasing a new car? Consider donating your trade in!
Can you offer lawn service, home repairs, or automobile repairs, Christmas Lights installation?
Do you have connections to a bread and breakfast, entertainment tickets, or movies?
Can you offer lessons on piano, golf, horseback riding?  Use your imagination. What would YOU WANT?

Brandi’s Corner Children Store: Free store for the children to get gifts for others and themselves. Children are given Brandi Bucks to purchase gifts for Mom and Dad and Siblings and 1 item for themselves. Hundreds of children come to this area. We need LOTS of donations!
Small gifts for adults (what would you like?). Mainly need gifts for Dad!
Perfume, lotion or jewelry for mom. We have lots of boxes to put jewelry in.
Small New toys, puzzles, books and games for children.

Crafts Area: Show us your talents!  Anything You can make and We can sell!
Pantry: Be thinking what you can make for the Pantry sales such as casseroles, desserts, etc.

Check close out sales and clearance items for good deals. Ask for donations.Thank you for your help! Mark your calendars! Contact Patty@1stCH.org