Katie’s Library News for March 2019

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      Our church library re-opened on December 16 for Sunday mornings & is located by the church foyer just past the ‘Holy Grounds’ table & water fountain before and after our Worship Service.  Although some folks have already taken advantage of what’s on our book-shelves, many more might want to visit & browse.  There are many resources available for teachers and students of Bible study classes that could inspire better understanding of holy scriptures and those who God appointed as prophets and leaders during biblical times.

Here are some titles that could interest you —

Bible Through the Ages

Illustrated Bible Dictionary & Concordance*

Judaism  (by Jay Williams)

Life Applications from every Chapter of the Bible  (by G.C. Morgan)

Popular Bible Prophecy & Commentary (by Tim LaHaye & Ed Hindson)

Truth about Angels (by Terry Law)

Walking the Bible: A Journey by land through the books of Moses (by Bruce Feiler)

Who Wrote the Bible? (by Richard Friedman)

Women of the Bible

       In addition, Katie’s Library has commentaries** for most books of the Bible, especially for the New Testament.  Plus – there’s an interesting 3 volume paperback series Illustrated Bible Encyclopedia of Bible Facts that could be of great help in understanding those odd curiosities that raise questions during many Bible study classes. Those 3 volume titles are:  v1 – Land & the People  v2 – Life in Bible Times  v3 – New Testament Times


*Concordance = Similar to indexes, it’s book of biblical words & phrases that points to where they occur in the Bible.

**Commentary = book of explanation or opinion about something; for the Bible, it’s often from Biblical scholars & often can help with Bible study.