Stuck at home & bored?? We can Un-Lock the Library for you.

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        Are you interested in some leisure reading? Let your Church Librarian, Carol Hanson, know & she’ll be glad to unlock the Library so you can browse & pick some items to take home.  Carol promises to maintain social distancing guidelines & wait outside the library room while you browse.
       Choices include the following categories as possibilities:
Biographies: mostly well-known Christian persons, including ministers & missionaries
Books with thoughtful inspirational messages & stories or ideas to help with Christian life – some for adults & some for teens. 
Christian Fiction: These are written by Christians including mysteries, romance, historic fiction or contemporary fiction on a variety of subjects. There are a couple of authors who write about the Amish people. There are also others that take well known Bible stories & provide a unique perspective that often provides special insight for the reader.
Bible Study: Some focus on specific books of the Bible, some on individuals of the Bible (David – Moses – Paul – John), some on specific topics. There are dictionaries, commentaries, atlases & also Bible translations; all provide extra help in reading or studying the Holy Book.
Books about Methodist faith & history. 
Children’s books:  A good variety to choose from toddler ages up to advanced elementary ages; both fiction stories & non-fiction. Some focus on religious subjects & some do not. 
Music CDs and DVD movies also available if you have appropriate equipment to use.
   You can reach Carol by phone-call 972-291-8353 or email