Culmination of Our Walk of Faith

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The Walk of Faith committee has completed its work. A church vote was held on Thursday evening: 51% of those who voted wanted to continue discussions about possibly leaving the UMC and 49% of those who voted wanted to stop discussions now and remain in the UMC. Since it required a 2/3 vote to continue discussions, the decision has been made for the church to remain with the United Methodist Church denomination. No further action needs to be taken.

In view of how close the vote was and how passionate many were about this issue, may we encourage everyone to be extra gracious, sensitive, and loving to all involved. Since a decision has been made it is now time to get back to lovingly working together to do God’s ministry. Also, please be aware of the number of regular guests and visitors who have been impacted by what has been going on. Please be very encouraging to them. We have an opportunity from this point forward to be good witnesses to all of our community that we, as followers of Jesus Christ, can overcome challenges and work together to share God’s love with everyone.

This is an amazing church and we have weathered lots of storms together and loved and supported each other through the years. We will continue to lean on the Lord for guidance as we work together to do his will. We remember that what really unites us is our unity in Christ.