Youth Study for August 2022

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The youth will begin a 4-week series in the book of Hebrews on spiritual growth. We will address how the idea of “faith” can feel a little mysterious and hard to grasp for some. After all, what is it? And how do you get it — or get more of it? Well, just like science can explain so many of the mysterious and hard-to-grasp things in the world around us, there are answers for many of the mysterious and hard-to-grasp things about faith, too. In science classes we learn that “catalysts” are interactions that create big changes and transformations. In the same way, Scripture shows us certain change-making “catalysts” are necessary for the transformation of our faith and the faith of others. We’ll discover that faith is a catalyst for action, the faith of others can be a catalyst on our journeyJesus is the catalyst for a new relationship with God, and we can be a catalyst for change.