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making disciples... since 1854
making disciples... since 1854
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From My Heart

When July 1st rolls around I will begin my sixth year as your Pastor. Cindi & I are excited about this! What follows are a few healthy observations about us.
Although we continue to face attritional forces from various demographic issues like an older population and a shifted dominant city culture, we are holding our own very well. The mood in our church is positive. Our worship is friendly, engaging, and moves with a wonderful breadth and freshness. We are engaged in an assortment of missional causes and activities. A small group of awesome volunteers takes exceptional care of our large campus. We manage our money extremely responsibly. By faith and generosity we are dramatically paying down our unfortunate debt. All this to say we are a healthy church, full of life and faith and love.
Personally, my family is also full of life and faith and love. Cindi & I face a new chapter in our lives—the empty nest. Our youngest is off to join our third at college late summer; our two oldest are building their careers but are not married, so grandchildren are years away; and my phenomenal homeschooling wife is about to have much, much less to oversee. It’s the natural next step. I’m looking forward to it. Back in the day we changed diapers every day for ten solid years. How about now we change gears to slow our pace every day for the next ten years. I’m ready.
Church. Family. They’re both a lot of work… and both so wonderfully worth it. Thank you for helping keep the Light burning.
From My Heart,

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Matthew 28:18-20

Jesus said, “... go make disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey Me too. I’m with you always.”