From My Heart, December 2017

ChurchPastor's Blog

I’m pondering our favorite things at Christmastime that make the season so magically favorite. For some, these things might be considered highly anticipated traditions. I mean real favorites! So, when forced to seriously consider a list, I dare say arising above the lights, decorations, wrappings, gifts, music and food are two deeply meaningful yet familiar things: family and Jesus. We desperately want to share all the former things with those about whom we care. Now add Jesus (the Person, not the story about Him), and we get a foretaste of heaven. What!?!? Think about it, heaven is known for its streets of gold, pearly gates, eternal light, absolutely no crying nor mourning nor pain, and God’s full presence. However, what arises as more significant for the Father is to share that magical atmosphere with His family of saints… and Himself—Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Thus, the essence of Christmastime is but a foretaste of heaven. So, enjoy the season this year—really enjoy it!—remembering the best of your feelings are but a dull sensation of what the Lord will enjoy once we join Him. Merry Christmas.
From My Heart,